Saturday, September 19, 2009


These days, i am reding geronimo stilton series, the so-called mouse story-book(i borrowed them from kelvin) !! u may say i am childish(yes, u r right, absolutely correct!!), but it's really a worth-reading story-book if u wanna let go ur pressure...

I hv some mouse-language, which said by geronimo(he's my idol nowXD) to share with my HUMAN friends~
  • enorMOUSE
  • fabuMOUSE
  • faMOUSE
  • I squeaked
  • whisker-licking-good
  • HOLEY cheese
  • CHEESE niblets
OH, please my dear friends, don't speak like that~okay?

AND here are some jokes~--
  • What kind of music do mummies like most?
    -WRAP(rap) music

  • Why do ghosts make good cheerleaders?
    -because they have a lot of SPIRITS

  • If a mouse lost his tail, where would he go to get a new one?
    -a re-TAIL store

  • When should a mouse carry an umbrella?
    -When it's raining cats and dogs

  • What do u call a mouse that's in a size of an elephant?

  • Who was the first cat to come to AMERICA?
    -Christo-FUR Colum-PUSS
May be some of u will fall into laughter, but just control urself!! PLS dun bang ur table(be calm)
dun throw ur chair , dun beat ur sister/brother, dun go crazy ....

Friday, September 11, 2009

XXX Over

UEC trial, OVER !!!

today i hv done the hardest maths exam ......
due to my useless+thinkless brain, i dunno how to do some:-/

why on earth SHOULD we study??
why r there sculs everywhere?
who hd that idea of studying?
who was the pioneer of setting up sculs?

and who set that maths paper?
the teacher dare not to let us know who set the paper....
they are afraid of students' "rebellion" ....haha !!@.@
i couldn't calm myself down.......
and i think that paper reli drove chia ye crazy....
coz that is the first time i saw her bang the table....
and keep complaining being cheated/tricked by the questions.....

i think i should change the title to "unearthly hard maths", but not "XXX over".....
who thought it was easy?
yong hao? ziqing? kelvin? ju sheng? shi wei? guang ying? chai ye?
i dunno