Monday, March 16, 2009

Hang out with friends

Friday, may ann, jin woei, woei san, mandy, ker shin, fung ling and I went time square.
This is the first time i hang-out with friends~~~XD kinda --OUT--
those days, i never hangout with friends, NEVER~~~i felt ashame for being conservative, somewhat~~~so, i tried to be-IN-er
BUT fortunately, i'm not too precocious~~~~unlike those noticeable dude........

at time square guess we met who??
haha, we met shu pei, shin ying, zora and kai yee~~~~
11 of us went watching the same movie, slumdog millionaire, at the same time, 12.20pm, and at the same theatre, box 5, if i'm not wrong !!!!!
In box 5, there's only 15 ppl~~~GOSH, okay, i felt terribly frightened a minute or two~~~
may ann scared us ~!!!!she told us that somebody will cut our hair at the moment we are watching movie........mandy and I couldn't sit comfortably>>>>
when the time i turn back and see whether there's any ppl.....
then i saw a person sitting there~~~soundless, so i thought of those dirty things larh~~!!!!
pity me...and i SHOUTED loudly~~

after watching slumdog millionaire, i went to buy that book~~~
i like that movie!!
SO, anyone who doubt whether to watch or not~~~
i can give the 100% correct answer is, go and watch lar~!!!

we then scoffed all the food we ordered, as we're absolutely hungry~~
like those victims ^.^

we went home at 'bout 4++pm..
i took ktm with woei san, and it's extremyl hot(too many passengers),
i nearly suffered from that heat !!!!
it's quite a fuuny day, a happy day~~going out with friends not as bad as what i thought
and in my opinion, we, girls, are quite voluble ~!! @.@ +.+ *.* ^.^ XD

Sunday, March 15, 2009


next thrusday, we are going to wanxin's house.......
i don't know who will go, but hope many ppl go larh~~~~~~~~
and actually, i also don't know why should we go 2 her house ?? nvm, cincai la~~
zhai yun, will u go??

Monday, March 2, 2009

E-X-A-M IS OVER~~~```!!!!!

SCREAM........AND SHOUT OUT LOUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

our exam's finished~~~~
but somehow feeling very boring, and has nothing to do~~~~
WHAT should i do??
~~~and WHAT should i think about??
~~~and WHAT should i study for??
hmmppss:-)..... probably no answers for these three WHAT(S)

OK, the exam's finished, i should be very happy.........
so....i hv many projects to do~~~~~
(1) write a new post
(2) read story-books
(3) online
(4) play......especially games !!!!!
(5) study hard for the next exam(haiyo, dun bother about this !!)
(6) feed my dog
(7) watch movies
(8) keep practising " Candlelight Carol "
(9) teach those altos " Candlelight Carol "
(10) improve my english and malay
TADAH~~~~that's all `````!!!!