Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm in my school now, using their computer, and I actually need to do a student pass, but I grab this chance and write a short post. Ha!

Well, I'm pretty okay here, Er, I stay in Nanyang hostel. bye.

I'm at hostel now(6.00pm), later we will have our dinner, their food is quite okay, and not much to complain about. The environment is fantastic! Er, for overall, I will give 92 marks over 100. =)

Today, I have done my student pass(but i haven't got it) and open a bank account! Sounds great? What's more, I have bought my school uniforms, their uniforms are wonderful with yellow blouse and grennish-blue skirt!

We have class tomorrow, somehow like a bridging course, with those PRC students! I love them really much, 'cause they welcomed us with much enthusiasm and they're really friendly! They learnt some malay from us! Ha! =D
PS: will tell you guys more about them later on my next post, may be!

Aha, and pics? Where are the pics???? I'll upload them later, as i don't have my own computer now! and before I forget, we have 20 hours per month to surf the net, so bye friends, I have to off now, and have my dinner. =)

Friday, December 25, 2009


As above,
Bye! I a-m l-e-a-v-i-n-g.
miss you guys :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Time to Say Goodbye

When it's really time to part and say goodbye, everyone's mind will be filled up with the word, 'miss' !!!

One should try to face it and start a whole new life after leaving, however, despite they have thousands, millions, zillions of reasons to refuse, and despite they're depressed, begrudged or even they genuinely miss everyone.....

It's easy to say....

One shouldn't give up unless they've tried their very best but ended up with 'fail'.

Uh-huh, well, my alter ego was talking to me, I reckon.

*music - Sarah Brightman's Time to Say Goodbye plays*

From January till November, 3 zhong has given me a full bucket of unforgettable memories. Staring at them (the memories), I could do nothing. From marathon, which everyone complained they felt pain in agony, to singing competition, which strengthen our bond, from those boring and tiresome lessons to those detestable examination, from lovely friends to nice and hardworking teachers, from our "very clean" classroom to every part of Chong Hwa....

I left my footsteps on every part of CHKL, and I remember everything, walking on the pavement, sitting in my classroom, playing in the court, singing in the music room, online+ing in the IT room..... I hope everything is still alive, but they aren't.

May be stop dwelling at the past is what i should do. I'm not a silly, bitchy pessimist.

Life's like coconut. Everyone, like coconuts, will drift to an island,
start a new life, and consequently live there. After some time,
they will, again, drift to another island.

Dedicated to my non-official daddy.

Er, kel, beaches are like coconuts' friends, wherever they go, they'll meet new friends, some are wonderful with sunshine, some are horrible with dirt.

So, kel, try to make new friends. Friends will help you, inspire you, advise you, comfort you, and also play with you. However, in your whole life, you can't live with just a few particular friends, right? When one day, God ask you, "Dear kelvin, name me your close friends.", you'll probably stammer.

Life is sucks without friends, I know, but try to make new friends, no matter where they come from, how they are...and bla bla bla. In the end, you can meet different cultures and people, all over the world.

Melanie, sorry for the last post, I didn't mean that, anyway, thank you.
Kel, aren't I smart, without transforming into wordpress, I still can have those gorgeous and cute smileys!!!!! but somewhat weird :-/
Ahem sorry, a bit zilian...

Monday, December 7, 2009

I hv my own Acknowledgement !!!


My heartfelt thanks to my endlessly supportive parents who gimme lots of advices whenever i'm sad and sorrow as if i fall into a dark deep hole. I'm now okay, thx them again for leading me to pass through those blue days.

To my forever best friend, WanXin, a huge thx is given. You really help me a lot... I've had a wondeful memory which full of your faces in my mind. ^.^ Although you love to zat me, frankly, I know u don't mean that.

Another thanks to my small singing group, which taught me some singing skills. Wei Yi, Qi Jing, Xie Ying, Wan Xin, thank you.

Woei San, thanks for accompanying me from standard 4 till form 3.

Cynthia, my humongous thanks is dedicated to you, you're such a nice & special girl. It's my pleasure to be your friend. ^.^

Mandy, my very tall girlfriend, you're really great... and that makes me feel happy to be your boyfriend...

Felicia, great thanks to you and your drawings, I will bring them to s'pore and I'm really proud to hv a friend like you, the artist of tommorow!

Jyh Shinn, we formed a speaker team, really wonderful, thanks.

Zhai Yun, thanks for your humour, which made me amusing after all..^.^

Wenn Weoi, with love from heart, thanks for the times you shared with me.

Janva, thanks, you inspired me.

Kelvin, big daddy, thank you. : )

And finally, a grateful thanks to all 09' 3-zhongers. You guys hv given me a great opportunity to be a vice-monitor, and thank you for your cooperation, too.

Ahem, to those who I hv offended or displeased or made u feel nasty, I apologise, civilly.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The post

"when laziness strike"- inspired by janva
I know, I hv neglected my blog for weeks, days (sounds better)

Alas, i am doing revision for sec 3 these few days.... and what the heck singapore English is super duper hard~>.<

This is the map of singapore MRT stations...
I think i should get used to the environment there!? Yea..
so, i am looking at this stupid map for hours, searching my scul....
and where will i go when i am there, after arriving at changi airport and so on...
Mum said i am going to be half of a singaporean...
Uh-huh, Am i? .....
I dunno actually,
but i do need to study this map and memorize some stations as i will use MRT often in future
at least i hv the semblance of a singaporean, soon.. haha~

secondly, i am not going to hv any hol on 31st of aug...
whereas their national is on 8th aug....
You will see me studying on 31st aug....
on the bright side, You will see me lazing at hostel on 8th aug..
does this sound nice? i dun think so :-/

Phew, i hv 4 days for chinese new year hols......(what the fish, 4 days only?!?!)
on the bright side, OHH- I need more studies to achieve better results...
I know i make it sounds awful...

I am off on good friday....
haha (this sounds happy+wonderful)

i hv to stop myself....
I am still a MALAYSIAN =.="

Finally, finished~~
this post seems somewhat wordy..

Friday, November 13, 2009

I am gonna miss you

miss and miss you guys la

i love this,
mandy wrote...
this made me cried!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Official Announcement

Looking back at my last post, i guess u don't know what i mean..
so, i hv decided to announce officially that i am leaving!

I know, i will be leaving
I know, i will be missing you guys
I know, i will not be studying in chong hwa anymore..

how do these sound like?
i know some of you are still guessing,
but i think u will got the right answer then.... :-/

some of you asked me,
you hv really made the decision to leave?
won't u miss us?
what i am trying to say is,
(I know u guys will miss me, and i hv that feeling too! I'm human beings tooo!!!!)

That was really all of a sudden,
I am not well prepared!
and i feel somewhat dizzy these few days.

just a WEEKEND only,
it changed a lot,
really, really, A LOT..

Saturday, September 19, 2009


These days, i am reding geronimo stilton series, the so-called mouse story-book(i borrowed them from kelvin) !! u may say i am childish(yes, u r right, absolutely correct!!), but it's really a worth-reading story-book if u wanna let go ur pressure...

I hv some mouse-language, which said by geronimo(he's my idol nowXD) to share with my HUMAN friends~
  • enorMOUSE
  • fabuMOUSE
  • faMOUSE
  • I squeaked
  • whisker-licking-good
  • HOLEY cheese
  • CHEESE niblets
OH, please my dear friends, don't speak like that~okay?

AND here are some jokes~--
  • What kind of music do mummies like most?
    -WRAP(rap) music

  • Why do ghosts make good cheerleaders?
    -because they have a lot of SPIRITS

  • If a mouse lost his tail, where would he go to get a new one?
    -a re-TAIL store

  • When should a mouse carry an umbrella?
    -When it's raining cats and dogs

  • What do u call a mouse that's in a size of an elephant?

  • Who was the first cat to come to AMERICA?
    -Christo-FUR Colum-PUSS
May be some of u will fall into laughter, but just control urself!! PLS dun bang ur table(be calm)
dun throw ur chair , dun beat ur sister/brother, dun go crazy ....

Friday, September 11, 2009

XXX Over

UEC trial, OVER !!!

today i hv done the hardest maths exam ......
due to my useless+thinkless brain, i dunno how to do some:-/

why on earth SHOULD we study??
why r there sculs everywhere?
who hd that idea of studying?
who was the pioneer of setting up sculs?

and who set that maths paper?
the teacher dare not to let us know who set the paper....
they are afraid of students' "rebellion" ....haha !!@.@
i couldn't calm myself down.......
and i think that paper reli drove chia ye crazy....
coz that is the first time i saw her bang the table....
and keep complaining being cheated/tricked by the questions.....

i think i should change the title to "unearthly hard maths", but not "XXX over".....
who thought it was easy?
yong hao? ziqing? kelvin? ju sheng? shi wei? guang ying? chai ye?
i dunno

Sunday, August 30, 2009

laggard? or Idiot?

Ya, i am one of those laggards who seem to be sunddenly awaken by his/her alter ego and gave his/her blog a new look~~

Ya, i am one of those idiots who dunno how to access this and that and need some help from my friends~

okay, thx Hui Xin, a lot~~!!!!
if not i can't change my blogskin......

i changed it yesterday, but i wrote this post today...
so what's wrong with me?
nth wrong~~

yesterday, which is a very fateful day......
i've changed my blogskin......sry i mentioned twice~
sry, AGAIN, i think i ve that kind of tendency to mention things twice!?!?!?!
or i am long-winded~~
may be>.< TADAH~
hving a new look doesn't mean that i hv to post sth new, right?
erm, may be i am too bored.....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a BIG decision (may hurt zhai yun)

erm, If u dun wan to hurt ur eyes or brain, pls skip this post!!
A MEANINGLESS POST == (to be honest, zhai yun sry....)

URGH/....hols~ okay, what kind of hols?
BORING (absolutely !!)

I decided to go KLCC with zhai this fri...
but due to the spreading of that fatal disease(yea, i mean AH1N1 influenza)
i'm thinking of to turn her down....~
sry zhai, i don't mean to hurt u....but it's really a scary disease...
i am a kiasi(hokkien:means dare not to die) ppl...(like ckgu yew)

Actually, the above-given reason is just an excuse !!!
(i know).....i've no mood to go....
i ask mel whether she wanna go, she juz keep repeating the same answer " DEPENDS"
and, AGAIN !! (DEPENDS!!)

I don't want to trouble my mum.....or let her worry me...

I was awaken by my "very-own alter ego" yesterday......
After having a "2-minute-thinking".......
i hv to announced that
I DECIDED NOT TO GO.....>.< sry zhai yun.......
erm, i'm wondering if zhai will angry me

wasting my time

URGH, wasting my time....
i saw my friend have got a whiper box in thier blog,
it recalled me......
i hv one too~~^.^

i hv wasted chunk of timen....
searching that box which i've added n months ago~~

and finally, thx god...
i found it !!

but, nobody leave any comment b4, except mandy~~
may be last time i deleted it~~
so nobody can write anything they wanna write.......


Thursday, August 6, 2009


i fell into laughter just now~~~

it began like this......

i was listening to sarah brightman's time to say goodbye, while weiyi called me.......
"spring, vivaldi"rings........(i set this ring tone for weiyi)
hello....i was in a shock, why would he call me??
wy: ooi, isn't it today we want to go to ur hse?
me: har??
wy: today is friday marh !!!
me: XXXXX(speechless)began to think am i sot?today is FRIDAY???
(monolog)--gaya u allow me to laugh??
i didn't say anything........and quite for a minute........
weiyi said, again, ooi !!!!
i started laughing, like a mad ppl.........
wahahahaha......>.< i don't mind ppl said me......
i hv to admit or rather said i couldn't deny that weiyi is ......... liao ~~~
okay, finally my laugh.....came to a halt !!!! XD

weiyi isn't friday meh??
me: today is thursday, okay??!!!
wy: (feeling extra embarrass) okay lor.....then tmr go ur hse lar !!
blur-blur weiyi~

Monday, August 3, 2009


to the HELL or to the HEAVEN ??
----i DOUBT ----

happily, scul closed~ ^.^
sadly, tons of hw gonna be done~ T.T

juz as zhai yun said, homework dominated holidays~
so, i think this hols, i may be very busy.......>.<


look at the two Hs,
there aren't much different, if u juz look at H and E
but their meaning are totally different........
aduhai~(cikgu yew, i use bm)
pls prepare a co**in for me .........

wow, the whole scul scream when ye tian song announced our scul closed for 5 days~~
5 hell-like-days........
the whole scul was thrown into state of "chaos"??
i think so.......
screaming here and there~~
like in pasar

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


i hv nth to do, and yet very boring,
i hv nth to write on my blog, so just uploaded some pictures~~

Eiffel Tower

Bird's view in paris~

Alps, Swiss

Swan and the ugly duckling~~~

Rhine falls

Cuckoo clock


lazy to upload~
enough !!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

written today

hehehaha~~~~~ ^.^

hols is gonna finish !!!!!
i'll miss them very much as they're going to say BYEBYE........ TT

i went to scul this week~~~
hv maths practice
(xue lian ask de....XD so annoying !!!!hope she dunno @@haha)
get fed up with those maths formula like a2+b2=c2 (we use this quite often!!!)
(because of a lian) my brain isn't working well~~~

and i saw 3 zhongers are painting our toilet !!!
quite beautiful(i think).........+.+

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I can't give a title to today's post~~~
today is not my day XD.....

today, we hd choir competition........from period 4 till 6.....>.<
we had been practising for N daysssssss !!!!!
guess wat we recieved????
NOTHING !!!!!!


what the heck !!???!!!! +.+

OKAY~~~well..........calm down~~
and actually the CHAMPION is
3 Zhong

(we hv learn many things and strengthen our bond during competition !!!!)

today, when the result is announced~~~

i was quite shocked!!!!! and so was every 3 zhongers~~~

we expected that we will get at least a consolation ~~~~

quite disappointed~~~
felt sry
.......SRY WEIYI........

Friday, May 22, 2009

Emptied or Occupied?

finished battling and gonna be lazing around to relax +relax~~~
didn't you realise that i love RELAxZ~~!!^.^

although our test hv finished, i didn't do well in my exams~~~
yet we hv sej pro to do~~~
so lazing around is quite OKAY for 2 or 3 days ONLY~~~
SADLY~~~~=_= TT

so??how was it, frens???
and my chinese ~~~huh>.< speechless ="=""


Monday, May 4, 2009

The Philippines little girl

My dad's fren, from the Philippines, visited M'sia last Saturday(on vacation).......
My mum, as a "tour guide", took them visited quite a number of places........
like the palace, KLCC, musuem....and blablabla XD
I, as the "tour guide assistant" wif their little girl.........Kelly~~~
i hv taken a photo of her.......
She can speak chinese, hokkien and XXX(forgot)......
such a little girl can speak so many languages .........a trilingual.....>.<
Actually she's a Chinese, came from China, and was then emigrate to the Philippines >.<

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hang out with friends

Friday, may ann, jin woei, woei san, mandy, ker shin, fung ling and I went time square.
This is the first time i hang-out with friends~~~XD kinda --OUT--
those days, i never hangout with friends, NEVER~~~i felt ashame for being conservative, somewhat~~~so, i tried to be-IN-er
BUT fortunately, i'm not too precocious~~~~unlike those noticeable dude........

at time square guess we met who??
haha, we met shu pei, shin ying, zora and kai yee~~~~
11 of us went watching the same movie, slumdog millionaire, at the same time, 12.20pm, and at the same theatre, box 5, if i'm not wrong !!!!!
In box 5, there's only 15 ppl~~~GOSH, okay, i felt terribly frightened a minute or two~~~
may ann scared us ~!!!!she told us that somebody will cut our hair at the moment we are watching movie........mandy and I couldn't sit comfortably>>>>
when the time i turn back and see whether there's any ppl.....
then i saw a person sitting there~~~soundless, so i thought of those dirty things larh~~!!!!
pity me...and i SHOUTED loudly~~

after watching slumdog millionaire, i went to buy that book~~~
i like that movie!!
SO, anyone who doubt whether to watch or not~~~
i can give the 100% correct answer is, go and watch lar~!!!

we then scoffed all the food we ordered, as we're absolutely hungry~~
like those victims ^.^

we went home at 'bout 4++pm..
i took ktm with woei san, and it's extremyl hot(too many passengers),
i nearly suffered from that heat !!!!
it's quite a fuuny day, a happy day~~going out with friends not as bad as what i thought
and in my opinion, we, girls, are quite voluble ~!! @.@ +.+ *.* ^.^ XD

Sunday, March 15, 2009


next thrusday, we are going to wanxin's house.......
i don't know who will go, but hope many ppl go larh~~~~~~~~
and actually, i also don't know why should we go 2 her house ?? nvm, cincai la~~
zhai yun, will u go??

Monday, March 2, 2009

E-X-A-M IS OVER~~~```!!!!!

SCREAM........AND SHOUT OUT LOUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

our exam's finished~~~~
but somehow feeling very boring, and has nothing to do~~~~
WHAT should i do??
~~~and WHAT should i think about??
~~~and WHAT should i study for??
hmmppss:-)..... probably no answers for these three WHAT(S)

OK, the exam's finished, i should be very happy.........
so....i hv many projects to do~~~~~
(1) write a new post
(2) read story-books
(3) online
(4) play......especially games !!!!!
(5) study hard for the next exam(haiyo, dun bother about this !!)
(6) feed my dog
(7) watch movies
(8) keep practising " Candlelight Carol "
(9) teach those altos " Candlelight Carol "
(10) improve my english and malay
TADAH~~~~that's all `````!!!!