Thursday, November 26, 2009

The post

"when laziness strike"- inspired by janva
I know, I hv neglected my blog for weeks, days (sounds better)

Alas, i am doing revision for sec 3 these few days.... and what the heck singapore English is super duper hard~>.<

This is the map of singapore MRT stations...
I think i should get used to the environment there!? Yea..
so, i am looking at this stupid map for hours, searching my scul....
and where will i go when i am there, after arriving at changi airport and so on...
Mum said i am going to be half of a singaporean...
Uh-huh, Am i? .....
I dunno actually,
but i do need to study this map and memorize some stations as i will use MRT often in future
at least i hv the semblance of a singaporean, soon.. haha~

secondly, i am not going to hv any hol on 31st of aug...
whereas their national is on 8th aug....
You will see me studying on 31st aug....
on the bright side, You will see me lazing at hostel on 8th aug..
does this sound nice? i dun think so :-/

Phew, i hv 4 days for chinese new year hols......(what the fish, 4 days only?!?!)
on the bright side, OHH- I need more studies to achieve better results...
I know i make it sounds awful...

I am off on good friday....
haha (this sounds happy+wonderful)

i hv to stop myself....
I am still a MALAYSIAN =.="

Finally, finished~~
this post seems somewhat wordy..


  1. Hey, singaporean! :D

    See see see, a small Singapore, their MRT is so systematic.

    Our lovely msia...? (:

  2. obviously...

    aww...i'm starting to miss you already. *sobs*

    envy envy envy
    anyways, good luck!^^

  3. *Kel, I am not a singaporean....

    *wenn, eww, dun envy la, k?
    what's on me? i miss u too~~