Friday, November 13, 2009

I am gonna miss you

miss and miss you guys la

i love this,
mandy wrote...
this made me cried!


  1. go to singapore must always miss 3 zhong frens o!exactly me!haha!GOOD luck!!n dun forget always renew ur blog ah while in singapore!we r waiting 4 ur good news !

  2. errr, okay, but i won't hv my own laptop until february la!

  3. u ought to use more un-pro english here. dun understand a word from the past posts.
    and why aren't u on spaces? i'm more there!!!
    why do u have to go?

  4. erh'm, i wrote in broken english ;-/
    and my english is super easy to read, compare to others....

  5. the reason i'm not using spaces is bcos i think blogspot suits me, and i like blogspot ^.^
    i hv to go bcos i got the scholarhsip la~ lol