Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Eh, please la, I’m not that addicted to day-dreaming, Wan Ting. I confess I like to day-dream when I was studying. And, yea, you caught me day-dreaming but I was just having some rest, some only. My brain needs to relax.

I have been slacking around as exam week is over. Life is better, without exams. I wonder if the world would become non-competitive one day. I look forward to it. However, it seems hopeless. Forget it.

Last Friday, I woke up at this unearthly hour, 12 am, and wonder to myself why I woke up. Good question, why? ‘CAUSE MY STOMACH WAS DAMN HUNGRY. Photobucket

A quick update of recent event as I’m lazy to type them out.

We had debate enrichment programme for the past two days. Everyone has the opportunity to speak and present in front of the class. So, I'm the fourth speaker and all I need to do is rebutting which I'm not familiar with. Also, I've limited vocab so it's very hard for me to elaborate my points or rebut my opponents. Sad.

Post-exam activities are boring, some aren't.

I’m currently reading “The Five People You Meet in the Heaven” a Mitch Albom book. It’s brilliant! Photobucket I didn't regret reading this book. People think of heaven as a paradise garden, a place where they can float on clouds and laze in rivers and mountains. But scenery without solace is meaningless.

I’m getting my results tomorrow (all, I suppose). I might be overwhelmed by test papers. Save me, thanks! I didn’t do well in most of the subjects. Cross finger. Does this work?


I love penguins Photobucket (it’s me, I probably love myself). I love polar bear. I love dolphin. I love whales (but not the killer whales).

Hui Koon is very nice. She purposely ran down to buy Quinny a packet of Milo.

Quinny is very random. She told us that she’s a bit emo, or she needs to be calm or something like that which is unexplainable. YOU ask her.

Wan Ting is very cute. ‘causee whenever I wanna sayang her, she let me sayang.

Jer Shyuan is very good. She helped me to collect my leave form from Ms Tay.

Mama is very busy. She told me.

Cynthia is missing me. She mentioned on phone.

Mandy is very jealous. Ask her.

Thanks everyone.

“When angry, count to four. When very angry, swear.” – Mark Twain.

Nice quote. I like it. '1-2-3-4.' Walao, does it work? Counting from 1-4 is like less than 4 seconds, is it? Or I counted too fast.

I’ve not been to computer lab for a long time. Though I’m sitting in the lab now, I have a strange feeling.

Quinny complained that I have very short posts. She was like “Why the hell this girl ended her post suddenly and I haven’t even read enough.” Ha. To deny this, I wrote a fairly long post. Also, I left her a nice long comment. That’s enough, I think.

Is this post considered a long one?

Should be. Photobucket


I've received all my results, I got heart attack la, can the school don't do this kind of thing anymore? It hurts my heart (and adrenal glands). Plus, my hands were trembling most of the time. Photobucket Serious! Overall was okay. Yea, okay only. The worst subject is Geo. I know this is quite abnormal. People usually don't do badly for their Geo, do they?

Friday, May 14, 2010


Guess what, exams are over!!!! Photobucket But this reminds me of my A math assignment which is due Tuesday. Huh.

My mid-year-exam is over. I mean it's REALLY OVER, after battling for 9 consecutive days which made me felt weary.

Good news - Today is FRIDAY!!!!

Hostel internet is a bit sucks these few days. Need maintenance la! I wanna play computer games also cannot. Blek.

Taking test here is tired. No time to day-dream. Sometimes, I don't even have enough time to check or think. Yea, no time to think. Just simply crap what comes to your mind. Miserable! Photobucket Plus, I felt muscle cramp the night after Social Studies, Geography and History. Why the heck should they set so many questions for us? Do they bother how we feel? (may be)No.

I remembered in Malaysia, I used to enjoy blackening the answer sheet with my 2B pencil, while enjoying the scenery outside my classroom, oh, and the breeze. Although we have some subjective questions, like Science, still, it’s not that tough and tiring. After completing the paper, we can still day-dream or check our answers.