Friday, May 14, 2010


Guess what, exams are over!!!! Photobucket But this reminds me of my A math assignment which is due Tuesday. Huh.

My mid-year-exam is over. I mean it's REALLY OVER, after battling for 9 consecutive days which made me felt weary.

Good news - Today is FRIDAY!!!!

Hostel internet is a bit sucks these few days. Need maintenance la! I wanna play computer games also cannot. Blek.

Taking test here is tired. No time to day-dream. Sometimes, I don't even have enough time to check or think. Yea, no time to think. Just simply crap what comes to your mind. Miserable! Photobucket Plus, I felt muscle cramp the night after Social Studies, Geography and History. Why the heck should they set so many questions for us? Do they bother how we feel? (may be)No.

I remembered in Malaysia, I used to enjoy blackening the answer sheet with my 2B pencil, while enjoying the scenery outside my classroom, oh, and the breeze. Although we have some subjective questions, like Science, still, it’s not that tough and tiring. After completing the paper, we can still day-dream or check our answers.


  1. MY mid-year-exam HAS JUST STARTED! D;


  2. Jan Va: Then WHY ARE YOU HERE? You don't need to study ah? I know you're suffering. Please move on to you text books..... leave the computer!