Friday, April 16, 2010

Look at the world straight in your eyes

Once you step out of your own comfort zone, you’ll feel this! Everything has to be done by yourself, and sometimes you’ll argue with your alter ego. The world is very realistic, not everyone follows what you ask or instruct or wish.

It’s very sad to have this written in my blog. I have chosen to come to Singapore, so I’ve to deal with challenges, the people. People are complicated, really. I now doubt whether this is the right time for me to leave my parents and go overseas to study. I don’t think so, anyway. Photobucket However, what could I do? No choice.

I never regret, frankly.

I read an article that day, and it’s about how great our mum are. I really can feel what the author mean and have the same opinion as him. There’s this PRC scholar who mumbled “stupid” beneath her voice! I wandered what is she thinking? She’s 17 already, and I’m only 16, I know it’s only one year…. But it makes a difference. She said I'm a stupid fella?

Also, my roommates, aren’t feeling well this few days. May be pressure or something, I’m not sure. They feel the same as me. So, it’s not me being a weirdo or pessimist. Quinny parents even asked her to go back, but she insisted to stay here. Everything is just about perseverance.

I don’t know why I linked them together. Random thoughts. Deep thoughts. Photobucket


  1. Dont give up okay~~
    I'm always here :)

  2. Rui Jun: Thanks =) But we are different, you know?? a bit diff.

  3. Quinny Tan: Uh-huh, I hope so.