Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank you dear friends!

23 June
Thank you for the... booklet?(sort of) you guys made. Yo, my friends, this really is a surprise for me. Photobucket I like it very much, in fact I will bring it to Sg. It evokes the memories I had with all of you, and yea I still can remember ALL of you! No one is forgotten!

Looking back on Monday and Wednesday, I felt utterly happy. When I saw everyone I was glad to see every of your faces which doesn't change much! You guys are wonderful friends I had.

Oh, btw, I like Chong Hwa a lot. really really like it. Photobucket

26 June
I didn't post this on 23rd. I'm editing it now and will post it soon. Photobucket It's almost the end of school holiday. I'm now in my hostel. I decided to finish this post this morning but due to my late arrival to airport, I couldn't make it. Anyway, I'm writing it now, so who cares?

This morning, I didn't feel like going back to Sg although I was in airport already. Photobucket

Oh, today when I saw Hui Koon and Quinny, they looked somewhat different. Hui Koon had a hair cut, she has short fringe now. Quinny has taken off her braces! Congratulate her! but she's very naughty, she doesn't want to wear the retainer sometimes.

I'm announcing the end of this post, sorry for writing a very short one. I'm tired. Photobucket

Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh Malaysia

I'm back to my tanah air! I always have the sense of belonging when I'm back to my fatherland. I think everyone feels exactly what I feel!

World Cup has just officially started. I'm not sure whether y'know my daddy is a huge football fan!!! So, I assume he'll glue himself on the sofa for the whole day and keep his eyes on the television, without missing any matches. Haha Photobucket So I will let him watch, I mean, I will sacrifice my favourite tv programmes. With the arrival of World Cup, do play football with your friends, have some matches with neighbours! It'll be great.

I prefer spending money in Malaysia. I guess it's because in Singapore, I keep telling myself that I will broke one day if I spend too much and don't save money. This is one of the reasons why I like Malaysia. Photobucket

Why did I go back and forth?
I was required to attend a Science Research Exposure Programme. We enrolled ourselves in various experiments and did visit some institute.

Right on the first day, we introduced ourselves as this is known as the "official yet standard" kind of opening. From that, we (Hui Koon and I) knew that not only both of us are Malaysians, but also another guy who seemed to be quite quiet and shy.

Whole buncha people waiting at fusionopolis for the visit of Data Storage Institute (DSI).

Having group discussion Photobucket

This is our poster after an hour of brainstorm and discussion between members. Photobucket Photobucket

The new robot, Olivia. Knew more about it after visiting the I2R.

I realised that the title is not coherent. :P