Monday, November 8, 2010

My USS trip!

Phew~ I’m resting now, after the 3-hour packing in my room. Sweating. Tired. X(

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I went to Universal Studio Singapore! icon_biggrin On 31 October, four crazy girls went to USS early in the morning!!! In case you’re wondering, yesh, Quinny, Wan Ting Yee Shin and me.icon_11

I can’t find a word in the dictionary to describe my happiness. Teeheeee icon_11 icon_11


Shriek! icon_mrgreen

Keep taking photos when we just walked in to USS. (Left: Wan Ting and Yee Shin were posing towards Quinny’s camera) icon_11

To my dismay, Universal Studio Singapore (USS) isn’t that big, very small I would say. Y’know Hong Kong Disneyland is not big right? Yea, and USS is about one fifth of HK Disneyland. I guess I walked pass the entry gate five times.

Popcorn stall. icon_wink

Hmm, merchandise stores and snack stalls everywhere simply because they want to earn money. Actually, I’m quite surprised that things and food sold in USS isn’t that expensive, except for some. But others, like what I must mention next, the food, pizza, that we ate was rather cheap. We spent S$4 for lunch only. Amazing? (After “discount” using our S$5 voucher.)

I was quite angry because early in the morning, it rained. icon_sad However, we found a shelter, the King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round. It’s actually an ordinary merry-go-round. icon_wink You know I like penguin right? So I had a ride on the penguins.


We’re childish. icon_wink

After that, we moved to a roller coaster, it wasn’t exciting at all, I think. Skip that.

The Shriek 4D movie was quite nice, however, they should shorten the time when they locked us up in an enormous chamber and talked about the story, which not many people are listening to. Other than that, the show was awesome, few drops of water sneezed by the donkey, the scary spiders, wow I got shocked here, and the riding of horse.

Next, is far far away, none of us took pictures. Too bad la, everyone was busy playing. Oh, I must mention the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure. Hmmm, Quinny and Yee Shin went with their Express pass, and they came out all dry. So, Wan Ting, Quinny and I went to queue for 1hour and 20 minutes. And we got most of our body wet. Before that, the first half ride was boring and mundane. icon_sad **The dinosaurs are pretty fake.


Here’s where I played Revenge of the Mummy four times. It’s quite dizzy for the first time, and I screamed loudly like siao. After that, I felt the ride was normal, it’s not exciting anymore.

Quinny was sad and disappointed because the Battlestar Galactica ride is still under construction/maintenance. The staff said it will probably be opened next year.

This is the Battlestar Galactica ride.

New York. A beautiful place to take photos, but too bad, I missed this chance as I spent most of the time wandering around and playing roller coaster again and again. But I did manage to take some, like this one.

Here comes the end of the my story.

Yeah, 5 more days to home!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chinese Post

我今天心血来潮想用华文写blog, 因为O level Normal Chinese Exam 就要到了。要赶紧进步华文,看看我的年终考华文成绩,我就想晕倒了,都不知有没有资格去考O-level,唉。。。

最近,我觉得我的好朋友都好像没有写blog的习惯了。这样,我就不能每天有他们最新的消息。。。:( 没关系,我知道他们很忙。。。不能逼他们,对不对?



OMG, 我刚才想到要写些东西的。。。但是忘掉了




还有,我发现读中国人的blog华文真的可以进步的。因为他们的华文简直就是太好了! 掌声鼓励鼓励!! 华文老师那天派了一大堆的讲义,要我们回家读,因为要考华文了嘛,当然是要做一点准备功夫的啦。 结果,那些讲义比故事书还厚,比故事书还闷。。。我无言


对了,Chan Wan Ting ah,我打你的名字时,那个电脑一直出现这个--烷烃。=.= 不过很好,我今天认识了一个新词!Thank you.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little excited by..?

I think I just got too - not a little - excited by getting all my results in a day. Phew. I did badly for Core Geo and SS. Others wasn't that good though. Wan Ting was very pissed by someone who wasn't pleased with her results. Obviously, that's her geo teacher.

I like this quote from Wan Ting's blog : 君子不责人所不及,不强人所不能. Yes, apparently, teachers can't blame us for not doing very well as we have already tried our best, and don't they know we want to achieve good results too? Who wants to get bad results? So, we've put in effort, and sometimes I just can't understand what they demand. I wrote a lot, but it turned out to be a big cross on my papers.

My back was aching by the time I was received my physics paper, cause y'know I'm not those sports person and I was sitting all day long in the auditorium. Ouch, ouch, ouch! I was bored, so I went to 3C1 and chat with Wan Ting and Jer Shyuan. Script checking was boring. It kind of ruined my day ( for the morning session).

However, the highlight of the day came when we decided to go Sogurt and have a cup of frozen yogurt!!! Yohooo, I love it so much!

Yesterday, we went for enrichment course which we signed up before our exams. I joined DNA workshop. I find it quite interesting, and exciting (again). They taught us how to recognized some kind of DNA information and it was really fun! Next we did experiments too! There is one allowing us to read the thumb print from a plastic cup, which I think I wasn't careful enough in taking care this "evidence" as I accidentally hold it with my hand, and my thumb prints were pasted on it.

OK, that's all bye.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Of Jer Shyuan’s and Malaysians’ big day

This was quite some time ago.

I’m not writing a wordy and lengthy post this time. icon_biggrin

It’s Jer Shyuan’s birthday. We celebrated it with two pizzas from Canadian Pizza. Yum Yum. I feel like eating a pizza now.

Jer Shyuan's birthday

#1 Our pizza!!!! icon_biggrin icon_biggrin icon_biggrin

Oh yea, forgot to tell you that her birthday falls on the 30th of August, which is a day before Malaysia’s National Day.

I felt very excited that day. For two reasons, being a friend of Jer Shyuan, I felt happy for her, it’s her birthday; being a Malaysian, I’m proud of Malaysia, which celebrates her birthday on the 31st of Aug. icon_biggrin

I shall not describe how yummy the pizza was, or I will be chased over by someone. icon_wink

Jer Shyuan's birthday

#2 Making her wish, very fervently? ( background story: She was forced!) haha :P

Jer Shyuan's birthday

#3 Doughnut bought from ?? by Quinny!!

Jer Shyuan's birthday

#4 A pathetic pizza left. lonely. solely. soberly. icon_sad


We've taken lots of unglam pictures.

Jer Shyuan's birthday

#5 M for Malaysia!!!! (our senior, the very uncooperative one!)

Jer Shyuan's birthday

#6 What is this??

Moving on to Malaysia’s National Day Celebration!

Malaysia National Day Celebration

#7 Those very semangat and patriotic Malaysians in our hostel!!!


Malaysia National Day Celebration

#8 …us!! icon_biggrin

That was the time when I can sing Keranamu Malaysia, Jalur Gemilang, Tanggal 31….. loudly and proudly in Singapore. I don’t know what makes me a very patriotic Malaysian after leaving my fatherland.

Many Malaysians were waving Jalur Gemilang while singing patriotic songs with pride. I missed them, as in the songs.

This is the end of the post! Tadah!

Credits: Pictures #1,2,3,4,7,8 are from Jer Shyuan; pictures #5,6 are from Quinny

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What happened to hotmail???

as above.

I thought it was me only, but Quinny encountered such problem as well!

I can't open any of my mails. Photobucket

Monday, July 19, 2010


This post is quite long, take your time! Photobucket

On Tuesday, we'd Chinese Oral. Aww, the answers are almost the same. I die die simply choose one answer

I didn't go for school for three consecutive days as I'm going for an attachment which I can have the chance to get familiar with zebrafish. I haven't heard of zebrafish before, I'm not sure about you. But it definitely was an eye-opening experience, just like what I had during June holidays.

Basically, this attachment programme was held in A star, biopolis ( somewhere near Buona Vista). It was a fruitful experience I would say.

For the first day, everyone was very excited about zebrafish! Firstly, we collected their embryos from an adult male and an adult female! Next, we placed the embryos into four petri dish with egg water (no bacteria) and subsequently placed them into the 28C incubator to let them develop!

We're divided into 6 bench and each bench were assigned to one teratogen. Our teratogen is ethanol, which is a very very poisonous teratogen to embryos, in other words, it'll kill the embryos! Photobucket How pathetic. Despite knowing that the zebrafish will die, we need to continue carrying out the experiment!

Starting our teratogen treatment! Photobucket (please note that they'll throw these fish away at the end of the course as they don't want to affect the ecosystem!) We have three petri dishes and each one is diluted with 100ul, 250ul and 300ul of ethanol respectively. One petri dish, on the other hand, is used as a control. We then use a fine needle to introduce a hole in the chorion of the embryos under a light microscope. This is where we killed some fish because of violence. At the end of the day, we put the petri dishes back into incubator again.

People are so excited and so was I!

This is how zebrafish looks like under light microscope! They're very active!! cute little zebrafish.

On the second day, we dechorionated the zebrafish! Awww, this is awful, I tell you. Dechrionation, a new word for me, anyway, it's disgusting! Most importantly, I killed some zebrafish during this process... I didn't want to, but I accidentally did it. :( Apart from that, we counted the number of zebrafish that died. RIP. PhotobucketThis marked the end of second day.

Subsequently, on the third day. we observe the zebrafish again. All fish died, except those in control.... Hmmm, how pathetic. What tells you that die? When you see an opaque egg york, which is like blackish-shit in the middle of the embryos, that tells you they're dead. On the other hand, those which are still alive have translucent egg york, which you can see through clearly.

The zebrafish is almost developed after 60 hours. So, you can see its heartbeat as well as the blood flowing thought their body!


At the end of the programme, the ACS(B) students created a group at facebook called I LOVE ZEBRAFISH. It's time for you to love the nature! They really really need our help.

And.... I made new friends! Photobucket

It took me such a long time to finish this post.

You can also read related post from Wan Ting's blog! She went for the fruitfly research, which ewww-ed me!

Finally, this post is officially published! huh~