Sunday, August 30, 2009

laggard? or Idiot?

Ya, i am one of those laggards who seem to be sunddenly awaken by his/her alter ego and gave his/her blog a new look~~

Ya, i am one of those idiots who dunno how to access this and that and need some help from my friends~

okay, thx Hui Xin, a lot~~!!!!
if not i can't change my blogskin......

i changed it yesterday, but i wrote this post today...
so what's wrong with me?
nth wrong~~

yesterday, which is a very fateful day......
i've changed my blogskin......sry i mentioned twice~
sry, AGAIN, i think i ve that kind of tendency to mention things twice!?!?!?!
or i am long-winded~~
may be>.< TADAH~
hving a new look doesn't mean that i hv to post sth new, right?
erm, may be i am too bored.....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a BIG decision (may hurt zhai yun)

erm, If u dun wan to hurt ur eyes or brain, pls skip this post!!
A MEANINGLESS POST == (to be honest, zhai yun sry....)

URGH/....hols~ okay, what kind of hols?
BORING (absolutely !!)

I decided to go KLCC with zhai this fri...
but due to the spreading of that fatal disease(yea, i mean AH1N1 influenza)
i'm thinking of to turn her down....~
sry zhai, i don't mean to hurt u....but it's really a scary disease...
i am a kiasi(hokkien:means dare not to die) ppl...(like ckgu yew)

Actually, the above-given reason is just an excuse !!!
(i know).....i've no mood to go....
i ask mel whether she wanna go, she juz keep repeating the same answer " DEPENDS"
and, AGAIN !! (DEPENDS!!)

I don't want to trouble my mum.....or let her worry me...

I was awaken by my "very-own alter ego" yesterday......
After having a "2-minute-thinking".......
i hv to announced that
I DECIDED NOT TO GO.....>.< sry zhai yun.......
erm, i'm wondering if zhai will angry me

wasting my time

URGH, wasting my time....
i saw my friend have got a whiper box in thier blog,
it recalled me......
i hv one too~~^.^

i hv wasted chunk of timen....
searching that box which i've added n months ago~~

and finally, thx god...
i found it !!

but, nobody leave any comment b4, except mandy~~
may be last time i deleted it~~
so nobody can write anything they wanna write.......


Thursday, August 6, 2009


i fell into laughter just now~~~

it began like this......

i was listening to sarah brightman's time to say goodbye, while weiyi called me.......
"spring, vivaldi"rings........(i set this ring tone for weiyi)
hello....i was in a shock, why would he call me??
wy: ooi, isn't it today we want to go to ur hse?
me: har??
wy: today is friday marh !!!
me: XXXXX(speechless)began to think am i sot?today is FRIDAY???
(monolog)--gaya u allow me to laugh??
i didn't say anything........and quite for a minute........
weiyi said, again, ooi !!!!
i started laughing, like a mad ppl.........
wahahahaha......>.< i don't mind ppl said me......
i hv to admit or rather said i couldn't deny that weiyi is ......... liao ~~~
okay, finally my laugh.....came to a halt !!!! XD

weiyi isn't friday meh??
me: today is thursday, okay??!!!
wy: (feeling extra embarrass) okay lor.....then tmr go ur hse lar !!
blur-blur weiyi~

Monday, August 3, 2009


to the HELL or to the HEAVEN ??
----i DOUBT ----

happily, scul closed~ ^.^
sadly, tons of hw gonna be done~ T.T

juz as zhai yun said, homework dominated holidays~
so, i think this hols, i may be very busy.......>.<


look at the two Hs,
there aren't much different, if u juz look at H and E
but their meaning are totally different........
aduhai~(cikgu yew, i use bm)
pls prepare a co**in for me .........

wow, the whole scul scream when ye tian song announced our scul closed for 5 days~~
5 hell-like-days........
the whole scul was thrown into state of "chaos"??
i think so.......
screaming here and there~~
like in pasar