Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a BIG decision (may hurt zhai yun)

erm, If u dun wan to hurt ur eyes or brain, pls skip this post!!
A MEANINGLESS POST == (to be honest, zhai yun sry....)

URGH/....hols~ okay, what kind of hols?
BORING (absolutely !!)

I decided to go KLCC with zhai this fri...
but due to the spreading of that fatal disease(yea, i mean AH1N1 influenza)
i'm thinking of to turn her down....~
sry zhai, i don't mean to hurt u....but it's really a scary disease...
i am a kiasi(hokkien:means dare not to die) ppl...(like ckgu yew)

Actually, the above-given reason is just an excuse !!!
(i know).....i've no mood to go....
i ask mel whether she wanna go, she juz keep repeating the same answer " DEPENDS"
and, AGAIN !! (DEPENDS!!)

I don't want to trouble my mum.....or let her worry me...

I was awaken by my "very-own alter ego" yesterday......
After having a "2-minute-thinking".......
i hv to announced that
I DECIDED NOT TO GO.....>.< sry zhai yun.......
erm, i'm wondering if zhai will angry me


  1. im crying!!

    okay no la.
    ur choice

  2. she'll hardly get angry, really.