Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Tablet PC

It's awesome, it's lousy, I confess. Tablet PC is really a great creation of the 21st century and it's equipped with multitouch screen.

By the way, there're reasons which make me said that TPC is awesome, yet lousy. You can ignore this.(My one-sided-monologue)

Good point: T-O-U-C-H-I-E TPC is really cool. Photobucket
Bad point: It cost me my dad a lot. Photobucket

Well, this TPC is by Fujitsu. I don't really like Fujitsu, because, well, you know Fujitsu isn't that good in producing TPCs this kind of stuff la. But since our school required us to buy a Fujitsu one, I just follow.

This TPC is quite small (usually TPCs are small). And the most astonishing thing is that, I'm using Windows 7. Okay keep cool, I know it's not that surprising. May be some of you might think that, "Windows 7 ah? I use that too." Ahem, sorry for my "self-overjoyness". Yea, Windows 7 is undeniably better than Windows Vista.

Common test are here, next week. So, I'll be off for about one week. Mum, I'll miss you like mad. Do call me often. Also, my fellow friends, I'll miss you guys too!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Malaysia, I'm coming back!

As Chinese New Year holiday is coming, I'm glad that I've the chance to go home! Photobucket I can't wait any longer!

As I told my roommates, my mind has flown back to Malaysia already and my brain, as well. My body will take the plane to Malaysia tomorrow.

Ha, I miss my home very much. You can feel. You can see. Photobucket

I've not been stepping on Malaysia for weeks. I've not been smelling Malaysia for weeks. I've not been enjoying the Malaysian food, such as Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai, for weeks. I've not heard Manglish for weeks. I've not been feeling the slow pace in Malaysia for weeks. I've not been speaking or reading Malay for weeks. I've not seen my parents and fellow friends for weeks. I've not been sleeping on my comfortable bed for weeks. I've not been playing or touching my computer for weeks. I've not been.....

Oh, I miss everything.

Friday, February 5, 2010

After OBS

I've promised myself to blog after OBS, so I do it now. Obviously, right? Nonsense. Photobucket First and foremost, I personally think that OBS is fun, except the fourth day which made me almost died, but thank God, I didn't. We have the opportunity to do something dangerous but fun, something scary but worth trying, something that we can't do beyond OBS. It also taught us that we need to take initiative to do our best so as to achieve our goals. I really felt that I learnt a lot.

From the very first day, we set off from school happily. Photobucket We reached the jetty and took a boat to Pulau Ubin. The first day is when we did our introduction and stuff arrangment. We need to pitch the tents ourselves too! Pitching tents isn't as easy as what I thought before. It's really tiring but when you finished, you will be filled with great success as if you accomplish something very hard to achieve. We cooked ourselves. Canned food and tidbits for every meals. UNHEALTHY! I know but I just chose to survive but not starving. We don't know how to cook the rice so our rice pot became chao tar (burnt). Dejected. We need to clean it lor. Got frustrated with that.

We went hiking on the second day. This is the day when we started to do our main activities. Although hiking is tiring, we were able to reach our destination on time. The word that I use to describe for the whole journey is "TIRED". When I say this in a matter-of-fact way, I mean it, really. When we reached the second campsite, I felt relief. Albeit being frustrated by tiredness, I told myself I made it! Guess what, we actually need to carry those I-supposed-they-are-10-kg backpacks. Photobucket They're HEAVY!!!!!!! Felt IRRITATED! My shoulders are groaning for pain, my muscles are complaining they're cramp! I felt sorry for torturing them!

The third day, we went kayaking which I wanted to try for a long time but haven't got round to. I did it! It's not that fun, it hurt my shoulders! What the heck. I pity them. The sea was rather choppy that day but nobody capsized. We kayaked for about 2 and a half hour and we finally, emphasize on it, reached the third campsite. Wow, I cheered for myself. I "honoured" myself a powder bath. To be more precise, I DIDN'T SHOWER. emo........... I was smelly! I only washed my hair as they were covered with salty sea water. They suck!!!

Before we set off, we practised the capsize drill in both shallow and deep sea. It's really hard to get into the boat after capizing in deep sea. You need a lot of strength to push yourself up to the boat. Really!! There's nothing to support you beneath your legs. NOTHING!! You need to be firm, you need to be strong, you need to be confident if you want to get up to the boat. It's difficult! I got into my boat after several tries. But then, my dank shirt clung to my body, I felt irritated! While pushing myself up to the boat, I felt as if there's a fish swam through my stomach, itchy.

On the fourth day, we went jungle trekking. I went through the lush green jungle and walked for about 9 hours. The whole journey is 15 km. Photobucket shocked! faint! I walked until I nearly blacked out. I'm serious! The word "weary" describes everything. I felt disgruntled! Everyone was in the same plight, though. I hate jungle trekking. My legs were throbbing. They ARE, till now!

It came to the last day which we longed for many days, four days actually. Wow, the first sentence I said when I woke up in the dawn is, "Whoah, we're going home today!!!" Ha! Photobucket We unpitched our tents and tidied the messy dorm. We were ready to go home! After the last reflection, we ended our five-day-camp. We got our Certificate of Completion and signed autograph. We know each other better now.

My friend, she had a very unforgettable OBS lor, 'cause bruises, sand-fly-bites and blue blacks are all over her hands and legs. Pathetic. =(


After OBS, I feel that my hostel has the best food in Singapore, has the best dorm in Singapore, has the best facilities in Singapore. Throughout OBS, we learnt not to whine, 'cause we're actually very lucky as compare to those unfortunates and those who suffer. Why don't we accept what God has given us?

The greatest need of every human being is the need for appreciation.
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