Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Tablet PC

It's awesome, it's lousy, I confess. Tablet PC is really a great creation of the 21st century and it's equipped with multitouch screen.

By the way, there're reasons which make me said that TPC is awesome, yet lousy. You can ignore this.(My one-sided-monologue)

Good point: T-O-U-C-H-I-E TPC is really cool. Photobucket
Bad point: It cost me my dad a lot. Photobucket

Well, this TPC is by Fujitsu. I don't really like Fujitsu, because, well, you know Fujitsu isn't that good in producing TPCs this kind of stuff la. But since our school required us to buy a Fujitsu one, I just follow.

This TPC is quite small (usually TPCs are small). And the most astonishing thing is that, I'm using Windows 7. Okay keep cool, I know it's not that surprising. May be some of you might think that, "Windows 7 ah? I use that too." Ahem, sorry for my "self-overjoyness". Yea, Windows 7 is undeniably better than Windows Vista.

Common test are here, next week. So, I'll be off for about one week. Mum, I'll miss you like mad. Do call me often. Also, my fellow friends, I'll miss you guys too!


  1. Don't you miss me? :'(


  2. where is ur chat box?!
    i miss to meet u here~~
    gambateh in ur exam..
    we'll have test after holiday...

  3. Quinny: I see you everyday leh, except for those days you went shyuan's room la. Yea, work together.
    Mandy: urh? chat box? just don't like it, for now. I miss you too. =) and thanks for cheering me.