Saturday, March 19, 2011

A bit of updates and wishes

Hmm, I'm here just because I don't want to let my blog down. I know my bloggie is very dejected for I ignored it for quite a while. Heehee ;) Sorry ya, dear blog.

So, I'm quite busy this holiday, no elaboration, everyone knows why.

I was reading my friend's blog just now and yesh, I'm so proud of Chong Hwa, 'cause they made it into Dato' CQ Teo Debate Challenge 2011!! Aha, wish them luck and hopefully, win the champion la. :)

Another person I would like to wish is my ROOMMIE! 'Cause she's participating in this Commonwealth Essay competition. And I don't know whether she has written her essay. Anyway, I'm sure she will certainly do her very best and aha, wish her all the best!!!! :)

That's all. I know, it's kind of S-H-O-R-T.