Sunday, August 30, 2009

laggard? or Idiot?

Ya, i am one of those laggards who seem to be sunddenly awaken by his/her alter ego and gave his/her blog a new look~~

Ya, i am one of those idiots who dunno how to access this and that and need some help from my friends~

okay, thx Hui Xin, a lot~~!!!!
if not i can't change my blogskin......

i changed it yesterday, but i wrote this post today...
so what's wrong with me?
nth wrong~~

yesterday, which is a very fateful day......
i've changed my blogskin......sry i mentioned twice~
sry, AGAIN, i think i ve that kind of tendency to mention things twice!?!?!?!
or i am long-winded~~
may be>.< TADAH~
hving a new look doesn't mean that i hv to post sth new, right?
erm, may be i am too bored.....

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