Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm in my school now, using their computer, and I actually need to do a student pass, but I grab this chance and write a short post. Ha!

Well, I'm pretty okay here, Er, I stay in Nanyang hostel. bye.

I'm at hostel now(6.00pm), later we will have our dinner, their food is quite okay, and not much to complain about. The environment is fantastic! Er, for overall, I will give 92 marks over 100. =)

Today, I have done my student pass(but i haven't got it) and open a bank account! Sounds great? What's more, I have bought my school uniforms, their uniforms are wonderful with yellow blouse and grennish-blue skirt!

We have class tomorrow, somehow like a bridging course, with those PRC students! I love them really much, 'cause they welcomed us with much enthusiasm and they're really friendly! They learnt some malay from us! Ha! =D
PS: will tell you guys more about them later on my next post, may be!

Aha, and pics? Where are the pics???? I'll upload them later, as i don't have my own computer now! and before I forget, we have 20 hours per month to surf the net, so bye friends, I have to off now, and have my dinner. =)


  1. xkinox, will upload pics later, see how bloody colourful it's