Friday, December 18, 2009

Time to Say Goodbye

When it's really time to part and say goodbye, everyone's mind will be filled up with the word, 'miss' !!!

One should try to face it and start a whole new life after leaving, however, despite they have thousands, millions, zillions of reasons to refuse, and despite they're depressed, begrudged or even they genuinely miss everyone.....

It's easy to say....

One shouldn't give up unless they've tried their very best but ended up with 'fail'.

Uh-huh, well, my alter ego was talking to me, I reckon.

*music - Sarah Brightman's Time to Say Goodbye plays*

From January till November, 3 zhong has given me a full bucket of unforgettable memories. Staring at them (the memories), I could do nothing. From marathon, which everyone complained they felt pain in agony, to singing competition, which strengthen our bond, from those boring and tiresome lessons to those detestable examination, from lovely friends to nice and hardworking teachers, from our "very clean" classroom to every part of Chong Hwa....

I left my footsteps on every part of CHKL, and I remember everything, walking on the pavement, sitting in my classroom, playing in the court, singing in the music room, online+ing in the IT room..... I hope everything is still alive, but they aren't.

May be stop dwelling at the past is what i should do. I'm not a silly, bitchy pessimist.

Life's like coconut. Everyone, like coconuts, will drift to an island,
start a new life, and consequently live there. After some time,
they will, again, drift to another island.

Dedicated to my non-official daddy.

Er, kel, beaches are like coconuts' friends, wherever they go, they'll meet new friends, some are wonderful with sunshine, some are horrible with dirt.

So, kel, try to make new friends. Friends will help you, inspire you, advise you, comfort you, and also play with you. However, in your whole life, you can't live with just a few particular friends, right? When one day, God ask you, "Dear kelvin, name me your close friends.", you'll probably stammer.

Life is sucks without friends, I know, but try to make new friends, no matter where they come from, how they are...and bla bla bla. In the end, you can meet different cultures and people, all over the world.

Melanie, sorry for the last post, I didn't mean that, anyway, thank you.
Kel, aren't I smart, without transforming into wordpress, I still can have those gorgeous and cute smileys!!!!! but somewhat weird :-/
Ahem sorry, a bit zilian...


  1. Do take good care when you are in Singapore.
    All the Best =)
    We miss you :)

  2. you ought to not use such proooo english.
    i'm having difficulties understanding it.

  3. jywong:Err, thanks =)
    cynthia: Ewww, who say pro larh?
    your english is more pro than mine x)