Monday, January 4, 2010

The first day of school

By looking at the title, I guess you know what I'm going to blog about.

I have to blog about this, 'cause I think, at least, for me, it's very important, it does mean a lot. It's a new school, a new environment, and also I meet new friends, everything is new. =)

First, we went to school by private bus, which we objected, but obviously a vain attempt. Early in the morning, there's a slight drizzle, signaling the coming of any storm? I'm not sure, anyway. : / Huh~*heave a massive sigh*

I'm now sitting with a korean, also a PR of singapore, who choose malay as her mother tongue language. (for me, my first expression is har?*aghast*!) This is quite rare, I assume. She's in the school band, and is playing the trumpet, which I would like to try for a long time but haven't got round to. She's quite nice, and her English is pretty good! Apparently, she can speak English fluently. =)

I'm feeling somewhat dizzy and giddy today, and this led me to a certain state of sleepy during some lessons. =( Some teachers aren't very enthusiastic, but somewhat dull in their teaching. Especially Physics and Chemistry lessons, the teachers are rushing and I didn't get any point. = /

We, malaysians, seem like being neglected. They reckon we're singaporeans. Anyway, our senior just asked us to be who we are. During lessons, teachers will mention, I know there are some PRC scholars here. (they forgot malaysian scholars! )

We have assembly today, and while they are singing their national song and school song, we just kept our mouth shut, not singing. When they recite their pledge, neither did we say. Oh, I feel like I have betrayed Malaysia. =( I feel depressed, 'cause from now onwards, I won't listen to Negaraku and Chong Hwa school song anymore.

I wasn't very impressed by my new school, personally, I think Chong Hwa is much better. I feel nostalgic. I feel schoolsick and homesick. =(


  1. awh. don't look back.
    just keep going forward.

    good luck (:

  2. Kel: It's not that I like to look back. I just simply feel homesick and schoolsick!

  3. wow, is it that bad?
    well, all the best

  4. chia ye: It's actually not that bad but it's just out of my expectation. Anyway, I know what I need now is TIME.

  5. Haha, miss us a lot yea.. It's just the beginning.. You'll have your own friends there soon!! All the best yea!!

  6. Joy : Oh, thanks for comforting me and I do hope that I can come over with every single problem =)