Friday, January 29, 2010

Before OBS

I'm sorry for my negligence, and I don't really notice I have not blogged for weeks, if ww didn't ask me to update, I bet I'll forget =)

Er, this few days are considered as hustles and bustles, lives have become even more hectic than the first week. Everything is going quite well now, but the problem is I still feel homesick now. Anyway, I'm going home on the 12th Feb, very soon!

One of my roommates told me that I blog very seriously, am I? Yea, I suppose.. x) So, should I come up with any new blog styles? May be.

OBS, some of you might ask, WHAT IS OBS????? Okay, I know you are nervous to know, but just calm down first. It's like some sort of leadership training, but our school allows every sec threes to join this training as our school's vision is to prepare ladies and leaders of tomorrow.

The teachers have gone through a short briefing with us, so we have a rough idea of how's OBS and what's OBS. I'm looking forward to it as everyone said it's exciting and challenging. We will go kayaking, canoeing, and other land activities. It sounds great! Yeah, I know =)

OBS (Outward Bound Singapore) last for a week, don't miss me! ;) Before OBS, I would like to write a short post. This is the purpose of updating my blog! I reckon I'll be tan and exhausted after OBS! However, I think I'll strengthen my muscles and increase my stamina... hope so.

Updates for this week. We just had our E maths test. What the heck, I did many careless mistakes. ARGHH !! Also, we had Higher Chinese test yesterday which everyone complained they had no enough time to finish, me too! =( The duration for every test is very short, I guess they don't want students to cheat during exams. Yea, possibly correct, if not why should they shorten the exam duration? Lack of TIME. I confess time is precious but they shouldn't be like this! Supposed we have our Pure Geography graded assignment today, but my teacher is tooooooo nice. She postponed the due date. Hence, we need to pass up the assignment after OBS. =)

I thought we're having Pure Geography graded assignment today, so I was studying yesterday.

I went somewhere, I forgot where it is located. I just upload them. ;)

This is one of my roommates, she's demonstrating how a plane lands. ;)

I brought this to Singapore, my senior asked me "Is this(the soft toy) a banana?" I replied "No!!!" Does it look like a banana?

Both my roommates love awokado.

Before I forget, we did chem experiment that day, we made our own crystals!!!! Blue crystals are made from copper sulphate. They are awesome! I love them! Plus, I felt successful after finishing a whole bunch of process, such as boiling the dilute sulphuric acid, filtrate the copper sulphate and bla bla bla. Forgot ;)

The Hui-Min-made crystals. =)

Crystals in beakers!

In Singapore, I'm really get used to go everywhere by buses or MRTs. There are buses everywhere and there are boards stating which bus goes where at all bus stations, so it's convenient!
Bus. Taxis.

Did I mention I'm sitting with a Korean girl, Jae Young? When I'm feeling hot, she will say, sorry Hui Min, I know it's my hotness, sorry, I'm so sorry!

And beside her is Elaine.

Finally, I'm in Pankhurst, the Red House. It's named after Emmeline Pankhurst, the English Political Activist which won woman the right for vote. Wiki or Google it =)
The other Malaysians are in Bronte, Curie and Keller, respectively.

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