Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random Stuff

Oh, I think I'm really smart and great! Ha, 'cause finally I can have a chance to upload my pics!

1. I have my "priority", PENGUIN !! (with her polar bear)
Aha, did you see my penguin? She's special enough to have a nice seat there! I placed it with her friends to take a quick shot!

Next, you will see how bloody sweet and cute she is, standing on my bed, trying to be nonchalant! (I kissed her >.<) I love her white tummy.
Penguin loves her polar bear, so when penguin appears, polar bear must accompany her! Here you are polar bear! Please cheer up a bit, don't look so sleepy! smiles?

2. Chinatown
I went chinatown today, it looks something like this! The road wasn't very busy as this was taken early in the morning! Everyone is still in their deep slumber, I suppose. =) As we were walking along chinatown, we saw these buildings, which I love very much.

These are the Europe-style buildings, I reckon it was built by the British. I like chinatown actually, it shows how our ancestors came and how did they like and what had they done. Chinatown looks somewhat like the china, though many ang mo.

3. Hostel
After having a tiring walk from chinatown to national library till the HQ of popular, in Bugis, we finally reached hostel. We took a photo. They are Malaysians too! We're in black and white!

Okay, I confess that the environment in hostel is really good, I heard that this hostel is one of the best hostels in Singapore! =) That is block B which opposite to our block C.

This is the mini round-about. We will walk pass this mini round-about everyday, when we want to go computer lab, canteen, office, and go to school! Everything here is genuinely green, green trees, with green ferns, accompanied by green grass! There's a little fountain at night in the middle there.

This is how the man-made fountain looks like at night. It'll start at 9.30pm everyday.

There is a baby grand piano in the hostel, but neither it's K-Kawai or Yamaha, and the piano sounds weird! = /Anyway, there're two more pianos in the other rooms. I guess the other two pianos are better.

If I'm not wrong, this pic was taken on our new year celebration. The background is somewhat messy, just ignore it! The middle one is a PRC scholar, Shi Ce.

Oh yea, this must be introduced. Before we can go in to our block C, we need to log in our ID, and place our finger as this machine will verify our thumbprint and indicate whether we are in that particular block. It's a bit troublesome and complicated but it's for our own safety.

Wooh, I have bought myself a cheap-mall-bought sushi. My first sushi in Singapore =) Anyhow, for me, it really tastes nice.

When we feel hungry, we will eat instant noodles.
This is Hwa Chong Institution, I captured this from the overbridge. There is a swimming pool!!!

4. My School
My school is located in Tanglin Road, after having a short-walking-distance from Orchard, you'll reach here. Once you see this "Tanglin Rd" road sign, you are probably not far from my school!

I forgot to take a photo of my school's facade, I'll try later. To satisfy my fellow friends, here you have our school moto. Don't ask me the precise meaning of it. I STILL don't know yet. I'm actually quite proud, at least I know how's the melody of our school song.

This is me standing in front of my school- Crescent Girls' School!

The parade square, include the basketball court, netball court...... The buildings which are surrounding the square are block "don't know"... I'm new.=(

After walking up the stairs, you will find my classroom. I'm in 3C3. I don't know why I'm in this class, it's just a coincidence, don't ask me why.

We call this Rotanda, which connects three buildings, I suppose. While you are walking along, you'll feel dizzy, somehow like after having an exciting ride on roller coaster. (actually not that exaggerated!) And it looks really gorgeous to have many countries' flag there. I don't know some, never mind.
This is the school library.
Ah, a lot of books there! =) mainly English.
And finally, I have uploaded something which you guys have been longing for ages to see!


  1. OMG! is that ur uniform? u look so happy there!
    btw, how's life, buddy? =D

  2. oh my god. so damn lucky.
    the environment looks soooo AWESOME.
    esp the library. do they have princess diaries or gossip girl series there? haha just kidding.
    its AHMAZING.
    it's EXACTLY how i pictured my dream school to be. i mean just for the foutain, roundabout, the rotanter(?) and the library.
    gahhh, i missed you like hell.

  3. Jan: Yea, it's my uniform, and do I look really happy here? Anyway, the suitable word for life is HECTIC!

    Cynthia: Er, I confess the environment here is much better than Malaysia. I guess they have princess diaries or those girly books, like Shopaholic. And they do have comics, you know??!! The fountain and roundabout are found in my hostel! Rotanda looks very nice, but it will take you 100 years to walk till the fourth floor! =.="